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Trademark Registration Online In India


Aug 31, 2021

Trademark may be the brand, symbol, mark, emblem, etc. from the business and it is crucial and necessary to safeguard the company name or trademark in order that it may become the goodwill from the business and generate profit and the most crucial factor would be that the brand could be saved from the unauthorized use. Trademark registration in India takes around 12 months to 18 several weeks to obtain the procedure completed and when it’s completed it will likely be valid for ten years. If the applicant really wants to save its brand then every ten years a renewal application needs to be filed towards the trademark officials for that continuation of trademark registration. You is anyone whether it’s a person or any organization, body corporate, government department, trust, ngo, etc. anybody can use for that trademark registration. An authorized brand provides benefits like customer attraction, business value enhancement, no-one can copy or misuse the name, you can easily get name approval web hosting limited registration or any other company registration, and many more.

Documents for trademark registration:

There’s two kinds of applicants the first is the person or sole proprietor and the second is apart from a person or sole proprietor and also the listing of documents are below based on the applicant:


  • Power of attorney
  • Identity proof
  • Logo, or no


  • Power of attorney
  • Registration certificate
  • Small enterprise certificate, if registered for the similar
  • Startup India certificate, it registered under this initiative
  • Logo, or no

Technique of trademark registration:

The process is quite time-consuming compared to other registration like GST registration or company registration, MSME registration etc. it requires around twelve months to obtain the procedure complete if no objection or opposition is elevated on such brand. The process is the following:

1.Look into the accessibility to the name: It is crucial the name which will probably be registered is exclusive and never similar holiday to a registered or applied mark, so before you go to file the registration application the Trademark availability ought to be checked.

2.Drafting from the forms: It is usually better to choose registration when the name can be obtained, if it’s available the shape will be drafted by which every detail from the applicant and trademark will be pointed out and also the relevant documents is going to be submitted just like a emblem, power attorney along with other documents as reported by the kind of you. After completing drafting the forms is going to be signed and posted towards the examiner for more proceeding.

3.Study of the shape: The examiner will check all of the documents and also the name that is applied and when there’s any mistake within the documents or details or maybe the examiner found any similarity within the name or emblem that is applied then your examiner will raise objection on such application. You needs to file the reply regarding such objection, when the applicant does not file the reply the applying can get abandoned.

When the application is recognized through the examiner he then will publish such application in trademark journal for 4 several weeks , within this period or no 3rd party has any type of objection he then can file an opposition against such application towards the examiner. And when no opposition is received then your examiner will issue a trademark certificate which is valid for ten years with no restriction or any objection.

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